Personal Mentoring by Salim Dabanca

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What’s included in the Mentoring membership?

1. I will be helping you to get all the design skills you need to reach your personal goals.

2. You will be learning directed by me every week day.

3. We will meet on a video call to discuss the details.

What do you need to start?

Nothing. You can learn with me whatever your design skill levels are. Even If you are a starter.

When you can start?

Today. After the payment we will schedule a welcome meeting to know each other and set goals.

How long it will take to find a job?

Depends on your skill level and how much time you can spend learning design.

How much it costs?

Daily Mentoring & 1 Video Call each month: $500/mo.

Daily Mentoring & 2 Video Call each month: $1000/mo.

I want to start! What to do now?

Make a payment and I will contact you asap.

$500 a month

Personal Mentoring by Salim Dabanca

0 ratings